For Sale - Complete Sets of Original Printings

The best estimates are that there are about thirty complete sets of original printings of the numbered Family Dog and Bill Graham series 1966 -- 1973 which include posters, postcards and handbills.  Because of the limited number of existing copies of several key items, it is unlikely more than a handful more such sets ever will exist.  These sets vary drastically in condition and depth.  Some include many posters in damaged condition.  Others have only one example of each original even when there are substantial variants.  Most include only limited quantities of copies signed by the artists who created them.

While I have not completely examined many of the sets, I have a fairly good idea of a lot of what exists.  Based on the criteria I considered most important; condition, depth and signatures on posters, this set is definitely in the top ten and probably a ways up from the bottom of this ten.  Most key posters and handbills are in as good a condition as the better known examples.  Most of the important variant original posters and many variant original handbills are in this set, and approximately half of the original posters are signed by the artists who created them. An extensive range of reprints is included.

This is a serious, museum quality set, the product of years of study and searching, not just to fill in the blanks but to upgrade to near mint or better.  Rather than write a lengthy essay on this set which might not answer your specific questions, I will leave it to interested parties to e-mail me and ask what they want to know.

The price is $750,000.00.  If you want it for less, you should be prepared to explain clearly and definitively why it is worth less than I am asking.  If you want a set for a lot less, I suggest you contemplate one of the more than two dozen lesser sets.

The above for sale material has been unchanged for about ten years. In 2014 I realized that there had been several substantial changes in the poster market which have effected the value of the collection. Not only have many of the posters increased in value, but the value of signatures by the artists has taken a major leap upward. None of the artists whose signatures are represented in this collection charges less than $25.00 per signature even in quantity discounts. Most charge a minimum of $50.00, and some charge $100.00. Wes Wilson, as the father of the art form, always has charged the most. He now charges $200.00 for signing any poster, and although Stanley Mouse does not charge that much for most posters, he now charges $500.00 to sign FD-26, the Skeleton and Roses. Furthermore both Rick Griffin and Alton Kelley have died, so finding copies of posters which they signed is much more difficult and expensive. For example, Rick's signature in the Crucifix form on BG-105-OP-1 can add as much as $1,000.00 to the value at auction of what already is a very expensive poster. I mention this because, as I note above, about half of the originals in this collection are signed by the artists who created them.