Eric King's Want List

In addition to being an expert on the material in my guide, I also collect it. Although there is not much Bill Graham/Fillmore/Fillmore West or Family Dog/Avalon material I am interested in acquiring besides newly discovered items not already listed in my guide, there are quite a few Russ Gibb and/or Grande Ballroom items which I would like to obtain. I am willing to pay full market retail value for them or to trade for either Michigan or San Francisco quality posters, postcards or handbills. The following is my want list, first posters, then handbills and lastly postcards. In the case of the posters and postcards my collection is, with one exception, complete, and I am only interested in upgrading things I already have in damaged condition to mint or very nearly mint condition. The six digit numbers next to the images are the ones assigned in my guide. The ones in parentheses are the ones used in the book by Henkel, and the few in brackets are the ones in the postcard numbering system. The names are titles or nicknames given to some items by collectors.

Items which I will take in any condition:

I am also interested in any Grande handbill predating 10/7/66.


Unlike the posters I am interested in handbills in any condition.

I am interested in any Grande handbill predating 10/7/66.

661028661028 (4)

661104661104 (5) Mod Man


661118661118 (6)

661216661216 (9)








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